Bahamas Diving

Scuba diving in the Bahamas is a great adventure. We welcome you and your friends to come down and experience the wonders that Andros Island has to offer. Your next Bahamas dive vacation should be with us!

Andros Diving uses a 25 foot catamaran with 300 HP. You’ll enjoy the spacious, comfortable, short ride to our world class dive sites. Most dive destinations offer either great reef diving, blue hole diving or wall diving. South Andros Island is unique in that it offers all 3 of these diving environments in one world-class destination.

We also offer wreck dives, dive certifications and much more!

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The Andros Barrier Reef

South Andros Island offers some of the finest reef diving in the world. The Andros Barrier Reef is less than 1 mile offshore in most places and runs more than 100 miles along the eastern coast of Andros Island. It is the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world and considered to be the healthiest. We explore a variety of breathtaking sites from 20 to 90 feet of water. Pristine coral formations tower as high as 35 feet above the sea floor with swim-throughs, caverns and tons of tropical fish, turtles and marine life.  Top sites include:

#1 Labyrinth – a maze of large swim throughs in a reef with 35′ tall coral

#2 Pyramids – healthy clusters of coral teeming with marine life and reef sharks

#3 Garden – extensive shallow reef surrounded by an amazing variety of marine life

World-renown Andros Blue Holes

The Andros Blue Holes are also teeming with marine life and offer a diving experience like no other. These limestone caverns are found in the ocean and inland and attract a tremendous variety of marine species, some of which are unique to these blue holes. The blue holes of the Bahamas are the only tidal freshwater blue holes in the world. As ocean tides shift daily fresh water flows from the depths of the blue holes into the ocean and mixes with the salt water creating a unique and diverse habitat for fish, corals and marine life.  South Andros Island has the highest concentration of blue holes and is home to the world famous Stargate Blue Hole, El Dorado, Benjamin’s Blue Hole and many others.  A recent National Geographic cover story featured the Bahamas Blue Holes and Stargate Blue Hole of South Andros Island.   Top sites include:

#1 El Dorado, Stargate & Twin Holes – world class inland blue holes – an amazing experience

#2 Chimney or High Point Cay Blue Holes – nearby ocean blue holes in healthy shallow reefs

#3 Benjamin’s Blue Hole – world famous ocean blue hole teeming with marine life

The Tongue of the Ocean

Wall diving the Tongue of the Ocean offers divers a glimpse into the abyss of the deep ocean. Just a mile offshore the ocean floor plunges from 120’ into an ocean canyon 6,000 foot deep and nearly 20 miles across. Healthy corals flourish at this depth and large pelagic species have been spotted during these dives. On the other side of the Tongue of the Ocean, 20 miles away, lies Green Cay. The diving here is some of the finest, most pristine diving in the world.

#1 Smith’s Hill Wall – nearby wall dive with nice coral in 70′ of water for ascent

#2 The Garden Wall – drift from the wall to some nearby coral towers

#3 Roggie’s Wreck – a 200′ steel ship in 65′ of water (not a wall dive)